For over 4 years we have been providing first class medical evaluations and treatment for auto accident and personal injuries in Kentucky.

It takes just seconds for an accident to change your life and it happens every day. That’s why it is important to get an immediate, thorough medical evaluation. Whether it’s treating victims of auto, truck or motorcycle accidents or slip and fall injuries, our Exacta Care Treatment Centers are the premier accident injury care centers in the state of Kentucky. Our specialists provide comprehensive treatment therapies that encompass the entire body and include injuries to the head, neck, back, shoulders, knees, arms, wrist, legs and feet. We also offer a full range of chiropractic services as well as on-site X-ray for a more accurate diagnosis. Our commitment is to develop a treatment plan that is specific to your needs so that you can receive all of the medical benefits you deserve.

Exacta Care specifically focuses on treating patients injured in car accidents, an unexpected slip and fall or an on-the-job injury.

Your best quality of life is our priority. Collectively, our medical providers are dedicated to delivering the best quality of care utilizing a coordinated team approach, centralized scheduling and electronic records. This is what we call the Exacta Care Advantage, see below to discover our advantages.

  • Exacta Care will treat your injuries with no money out of pocket or co-pays with a qualifying insurance claim.

  • We will accept letter of protection or lien from your attorney in most cases

  • Our practices accept all No-Fault and Workers Comp insurance

  • We can translate over 200 languages.

  • Transportation provided upon request.

Benefits of our Integrated Spine Clinic

• Focus on the patient. The common theme in our Integrated Spine Clinic is cooperation and coordination of care for the patient. Different specialties working together in the same practice will keep the focus where it belongs – on the patient. By having a coordinated team of providers under one roof we can better ensure that your treatment plan and insurance benefits are managed effectively.

• Higher quality of care. The benefits of enhanced communication between specialists also extend to enhanced quality of care. For example, our specialists from different disciplines work together to help all of the doctors in the clinic keep up with the advances in diagnosis and treatment techniques and technologies in the various specialties.

• Appropriate referrals. Our office is committed to making sure that if you need to see a specialist that we do not have in our clinic that we will make every effort to identify and make the appropriate referral to an outside specialist immediately and have their records integrated into your patient chart. This includes pain management, orthopedic surgeon, neurologist, and head trauma specialists.

• Better documentation. Our Integrated Spine Clinic has all of your records from each individual specialist in one location, ready for your insurance adjuster or attorney to access the same day your are treated. This means that your insurance adjuster or attorney spend’s less time tracking down every file he or she needs to process your claim, making it easier to receive a higher value settlement.

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