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Each of the independent practices within Exacta Care utilizes a state-of-the-art Electronic Health Records (EHR) system which assists providers in coordinating the best care for each patient. Additionally, the integrated platform allows attorneys to have digital access to a patient’s medical and billing records in real time - introducing transparency, efficiency and improved patient compliance.

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Quality Documentation

Exacta Care’s goal is to provide solid documentation of each patient’s injuries and treatment in detailed, legible notes, building credentials with which to negotiate or litigate a fair settlement. Additionally, we seek to obtain prior medical records for a comprehensive history and chart, accessible to anyone who provides a medical release form. Our EHR system integrates with Google Drive which provides HIPAA compliant back-ups continually and allows patient or attorney access to digital records the minute after an exam note is signed.

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Priority Scheduling

One of the core values each of the practices and respective practitioners at Exacta Care share is the commitment that each patient needs access to quality care as quickly as possible after sustaining an injury. To that end, the providers seek to not only provide the best and most complete care, drawing from a strong multi-disciplinary approach to patient care, but also to prioritize getting patients in for treatment quickly and to provide them with convenient scheduling options. The EHR automatically provides either text or phone reminders to patients prior to each appointment to better improve communication with, and compliance from, Exacta Care patients.

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Litigation Support

These same providers understand that records are not always enough and make every reasonable effort to be available to the patient’s attorney for routine calls or letters at no additional cost. The practitioners also understand that from time to time they may be needed to provide testimony or more detailed and time intensive support or documentation and will do so at very reasonable hourly rates.

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