Louisville Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy Designed For Your Needs

Whether you are in pain from an auto accident or a personal injury our physical therapist provides relief of symptoms to the extremities and other areas outside the vertebral column. We are based here in Louisville KY and serve clients regardless of injuries. Shoulders, arms, hips, and legs are all highly susceptible to injury. Joint mobilizations, other manual therapy, and active exercise therapy move the patient along the pathway to elimination of their symptoms and return to normal function. Additionally, a home exercise program is uniquely designed for each patient so they can have an equal share in their recovery and make our efforts more productive.

Meet Our Physical Therapist

Ron Cole, P.T.

Ron has over 20 years experience working as a physical therapist in in the Louisville community. Ron is recognized as a peer reviewer by several insurance companies. He utilizes his vast experience and knowledge evaluating and treating acute injuries to treat patients at Exacta Care and to provide them an individually tailored home exercise program to maximize patient outcomes.

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