Following a traumatic event such as an auto accident, spinal misalignments can compress important nerves, interfering with signals that allow the body to heal properly.

Chiropractic treatment is a safe, gentle, and effective form of therapy equipped to address and care for these obstructions by removing pressure off of key nerves and other tissues.

This allows the body to send clear signals to stimulate the nervous and immune systems, allowing the body to heal naturally. Our doctors also may incorporate the use of modalities, such as therapeutic ultrasound and electrical muscle stimulation to decrease irritation and inflammation to the surrounding tissues and make for a speedier recovery.

Meet Our Louisville Chiropractors

Brian Guetter, D.C.

Dr. Guetter’s integrated approach to treatment includes the co-management of patients’ new and existing conditions with other healthcare professionals—including medical doctors, physical therapists, massage therapists, and other specialists. Personally connecting with the patient as a whole person and catering treatment to suit each individual patient are principal aspects of Dr. Guetter’s vision for optimal recovery. Dr. Guetter uses his extensive credentials in trauma care to clinically correlate causality to bodily injury and persistent functional loss.

Stephen Pobst, D.C.

Dr. Pobst is a former collegiate athlete that prides himself on customized patient care and treatment protocols. He has numerous specialties and certifications in rehabilitative methods. Stephen is a strong patient advocate. He is committed to seeing that all patients at Exacta Care receive individualized treatment and care and he is a big proponent of our collaborative interdisciplinary approach to medicine.

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