Chriopractic Adjustment for Louisville Back Pain

After an Accident – Benefits of Chiropractic Care

The neck is one of the most vulnerable places when involved in a traumatic accident. Because it is connected intricately with the spine, it is imperative that any back pain is addressed immediately. Unfortunately, this urgency is often ignored as lesser damage is not always immediately obvious.

The Louisville Exacta Care team includes chiropractic specialists who are skilled in assessing and treating problems related to muscles, nerves, joints and connective tissues of the neck and spine. They use spinal adjustment and special exercises to control damage, minimize back pain and reduce swelling

Chiropractic treatment helps back pain and benefits the entire body by removing the pressure off of key nerves and other tissues. This allows for clearer signals that stimulate the nervous and immune system, allowing the body to heal naturally. For this reason, we encourage patients to explore this treatment along with massage and physical therapies for an integrated and exhaustive approach to full recovery.

Benefits to Chiropractic Care

Non-Invasive Treatment. Avoid surgery and surgery bills by allowing spinal manipulation to realign the joints of the spine, significantly reducing back pain and promoting healing.

Avoid Pain Meds. In addition to the obvious real risk of addiction, pain medication can hide some injuries which will delay healing. Additionally, at some point, the meds will disappear while chiropractic care offers long-term effective pain management.

Prevent Chronic Conditions. To sum up, the sooner you see a chiropractic specialist, the better. Waiting too long could result in a chronic condition that takes years and thousands of dollars to heal.

The Louisville Exacta Care team:

Brian Guetter, D.C.
Personally connecting with the patient as a whole person and catering treatment to suit each individual patient are principal aspects of Dr. Guetter’s vision for optimal recovery. His integrated approach includes the co-management of patients’ new and existing conditions with other healthcare professionals—including medical doctors, physical therapists, massage therapists, and other specialists.

Stephen Pobst, D.C.
Dr. Pobst is a strong patient advocate. Coupled with his certifications, he is a former collegiate athlete that prides himself on customized patient care and treatment protocols. 

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