After an Accident – Benefits of Massage Therapy

We hope you are able to find an excuse for a massage that does not include a car accident, but in the unfortunate case you find yourself the victimof a collision, a skilled massage therapist can be a key player in getting you back to your best self.

After experiencing sudden and jolting trauma, our muscles go into “protection mode”, clamping down and tightening in affected areas. All parts of the body are vulnerable to this debilitation and all parts can be greatly aided by massage therapy.*

Anything that causes a general relaxation of muscles speeds the healing process by increasing the amount of oxygen that reach the tissues and opening them up to receive nutrients. A few more specific ways massage therapy can work towards a variety of issues follow:

Concussions: Massage fights against the effects of a concussion by realigning the vertebrae in the uppermost joint of the neck. It has been proved to improve posture, balance and range of motion.

Whiplash: Friction-based massage helps break up scar tissue and relieves stiffness. Trigger point massage releases tension held in tight knots. Any type will stimulate circulation, restore fluidity, and help to ease and prevent headaches.

Emotional trauma (stress, anxiety, PTSD): Studies show an improvement in blood pressure, respiration and pulse rate up to three hours after a massage – all of which affect the nervous system and sense of well-being. The benefits of a caring touch and pain alleviation can help a patient to recover their sense of self by providing an emotional anchor. Similar to exercise, massage produces endorphins- the natural feel-good chemicals. And all you have to do is lie there and enjoy.

Spinal Cord Injuries: Massage affects musculoskeletal and neurological systems , increasing the range of motion and muscle strength. All of this works to help you regain control of your muscles and helps to slow the rate of muscle degeneration. It improves circulation, reducing the chance of blood clots. Additionally, the results can prevent further, possibly bigger, injuries by increasing ability to react quickly and effectively.

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